This section is about the divine claims of Jesus. Did he claim to be God? It does not address the question of the authenticity of the sayings of Jesus, which is another topic.

General Essays

Foundational Points -- some preliminary guidelines on the question.

Related Issues

In Defense of the Trilemma -- e.g., "Liar, Lunatic, or Lord"

Answers to Further Objections on the Trilemma

How does the "Wisdom template" fit in with the Nicean creed?

Why did Jesus sometimes tell people to not spread the word about his miracles?

The Divine Claims

Analysis of the claims of Jesus to divinity. Also discusses the evaluations of NT authors where relevant.

Jesus as the Wisdom of God

The Son of Man Title

Use of "Abba"

Use of "I Say Unto You"

The "I Am" claims

"Son of God"

The Alpha and the Omega

Miscellaneous Claims

Helpful Links

Messianic Ideas in the Time of JesusMetacrock's Messiah Pages [Off Site]

Critical Reviews

Essays and book reviews on persons who deny that Jesus made these claims (or say that they mean something else).

Skeptical Objections -- critique of common skeptical misunderstandings of the Trinity, with reference to this article

Mormon Objections -- critique of the Mormon view of Jesus, and of responses.

Jehovah's Witnesses' Objections -- critique of the Jehovah's Witnesses' view of Jesus

Unitarian Objections -- based on dialogues with Unitarians-

Christadelphian Objections -- some unique Christadelphian arguments; the Christadelphians are Unitarians. Also contains an answer to the issue, "Yeah, but Wisdom was female; Jesus was male!"

A look at the work of L. Ray Smith's Objections

Teaching Resources

Bibliography of books on the divine claims of Jesus