In recent years, we have noticed that the available resources for personal evangelism are, well....somewhat lacking. Many evangelistic techniques are still being used that were designed for a time when people respected the Bible and Christianity (even if they did not believe in it) and people really did think, "Jesus has a wonderful plan for your life" was an effective point to make.

Tekton Intellitracts are designed to be given to those with particular questions or needs in our modern world. They present the Gospel message in clear terms that will relate to modern perceptions, without sacrificing the accuracy of the message. They rely on the principle of intelligent discourse and sharing of ideas, as opposed to other tracts with either pander to fear or present the Gospel in overfamiliar terms.

Our first tract was offered on September 10, 2010. We are offering them in exchange for the cost of printing (35 cents each) plus postage. You can click the links to see all of the pages.

Thank you, and we hope you find these useful!

Sign Your Life Away! -- 8 pages. A straightforward presentation of the Gospel that explains Christianity in simple terms as a sort of contract between God and man.
Myths About Christianity Busted! -- 8 pages. Derived from our article on myths about Christianity, this tract "busts" four common myths that non-believers may entertain, followed by a straightforward presentation of the Gospel.