"Shattering the Christ Myth" Hub Page

Welcome to the hub page for the first Tekton Building Blocks series book, Shattering the Christ Myth, which officially came out July 3, 2008. Here we'll provide descriptions of each chapter, plus whatever links are necessary for further discussion and news on each of these chapters. This will include links to discussion forum threads, answers to any attempts at rebuttal, and any new information about what is discussed in the chapters.

Unless otherwise indicated, chapters are authored by James Patrick Holding.

Table of Contents

Introductory Material

Part 1: The Extra-Biblical Evidence

Part 2: The Christ Myth, Thesis One: The "Silence" Thesis

Part 3: The Christ Myth, Thesis Two: The "Copycat" Thesis

Part 4: The Christ Myth Goes Hollywood

Part 5: Additional Material

Reviews of Books

Here, we'll note reviews of the book, and link to reviews of books concerned with the Christ myth. Listings are alphabetical by author.

Reviews of Shattering the Christ Myth

Books in support of the Christ myth:

Books useful for debunking the Christ myth may be found in this bibliography of books on the historical Jesus


December 2008: I had a debate with Frank Zindler, head of American Atheists, on the Christ myth.

May 2009: I had a debate on Premier Christian Radio with Ken Humphreys of the fringe website jesusneverexisted.com which you can listen to here.