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Ancient pagan deity, sometimes sourced for the pagan Christ-myth idea; see here.
Greek god of wine, source of pagan copycat charges.
Badawi, Jamal
Muslim apologist. See responses here. [Off Site]
Baigent, Michael
  • Review of The Jesus Papers
  • Review of Racing Towards Armageddon
Alleged pagan copycat Christ. See here.
  • Articles
Is the account of Barabbas and the Passover custom realistic? -- also addresses some of the funnier ideas about this fellow, like his name meaning "son of the father"; part of a larger piece on the trial of Jesus
Barker, Dan
Ex-minister, author of Losing Faith in Faith.
Bauer Hypothesis
A foundational theory of wild diversity on early Christianity, now seen mutated into the "trajectories" paradigm.
Beddru of Japan
One of a list of alleged "saviors" from Kersey Graves' work. See here.
Bell, Rob
Emergent type preacher.
ben-Jochanan, Yosef
Part of a coterie of revisionist historians whose ideas are based in race.

ben Tziyyon, Mordochai
Jewish anti-missionary. See analysis/comments here.
ben Yehoshua, Hayyim
Popular Christ-myther. See analysis/comments here.
Bercot, David
Well-intentioned but nevertheless error-prone Christian writer. Some comments here.
Berman, Timothy
Amateur Mormon apologist who needs to get back in the ocean where he belongs. His main argument against my material is that he thinks it is biased (the truth usually is) and it makes him think too hard. See responses within articles he refers to.
Berry, Robby
Bevere, John
Profile here. Comments on leadership here.
Beversluis, John
Former admirer of C. S. Lewis turned apostate. See here.
"Bible Wheel"
Unqualifying apologetics mechanism. Comments here.
Bidstrup, Scott
Boghossian, Peter
Comments here.
Book of Jashar
Alleged lost book of the Bible.

Book of the Wars of Jehovah
Alleged "lost book" of the Bible.

Borg, Marcus
Jesus Seminar ally Marcus Borg offers a sanitized Jesus for the age.

Boylan, Robert
Underachieving blogmaster of Scriptural Mormonism who doesn't realize I've upgraded my material in the last 20+ years. For his replies on material in The Mormon Defenders (apparently borrowed without permission from Kevin Graham, and which I answered in 2005) please contact me at -- I still have my old responses to Graham's project, but have not posted them since Graham took his project down. For a reply on the Semitic Totality Concept, see my updated article here. For a reply on Gen. 20;13, see note added here.
Brain, Marshall
Founder of site once called, "Why Does God Hate Amputees" and now retitled "Why Won't God Heal Amputees". Comments here .
Bucaille, Maurice
Muslim apologist. See responses here. [Off Site]
Buckner, James
Atheist with a list of questions. Answer key here.
Bultmann, Rudolf
Founder of modern form criticism of the Bible.

Burgon, John W.
Prominent critic of textual-critical methods from the late 1800s, often used by Majority Text advocates. Some comments here.
Burke, Tony
Author of an article on "heresy hunting". Comments here.
Burpo, Colton
Comments on Heaven is for Real
Bushby, Tony
Author of The Bible Fraud. Comments here.
Butz, Jeffrey
Review of The Brother of Jesus
Buzzard, Anthony
  • Review of The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound