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Cable, Louis
Skeptic with nothing new or extraordinary on his site; he even endorses the Christ myth. For this reason, and because he offers nothing not already addressed within our subject purview, we deem more reply to him unnecessary.
Callahan, Tim
An honest (but still ill-informed) Skeptic whose subject is Biblical prophecy.

Campbell, Joseph
Favorite of the pagan copycat theorists. Some comments here.
Camping, Harold
End times teacher. Some comments here.
Campolo, Tony
Popular teacher. Some comments here.
Does the Bible endorse cannibalism?
A very broad subject -- look for defenses of individual books of the canon under book names.

Capital Punishment
Does the Bible support capital punishment?
Carotta, Frarncesco
On "Jesus was Caesar"
Carr, Stephen
Bills himself as the UK's leading Skeptical webmaster.
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Carrier, Richard
Presently a major denizen for the Secular Web.

Casey, Maurice
On "Jesus of Nazareth"
Chambers, Joseph
Profile of end times writings
Chambers, Oswald
Profile of popular writings
Chan, Francis
Profile of writings
Chilton, Bruce
Author of mixed virtues.

Chopra, Deepak
Mystical mess man.

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    • Review of The Third Jesus.
    • Review of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul.
Christiadelphians are Unitarians (see more specific item linked at end), reject eternal punishment, reject civil protest. They also do not believe that Satan is a personal being.
Christian Crimeline
A "timeline" of the sins of Christianity circulating these days; a few entries are true, most are false or unverified. See our response here.
Was Christmas a stolen pagan holiday?
Chu Chulainn
Alleged "copycat" savior. See information here.
Church, J. R.
Author of Hidden Prophecies of the Pslams. See my item here.
Church of Christ
This denomination has some branches with odd ideas.
Church Universal and Triumphant
Watchman Fellowship overview
Questions about circumcision [Off Site]
Clark, John
Head of "Pastor John's House," a commentary site with some peculiar ideas.
Send in the clones! See here. [Off Site]
Cohen, Edmund
Author of The Mind of the Bible Believer. See my item here.
Colmes, Alan
Political commentator. A look at his chapter on Jesus in Red, White and Liberal here.
Does the Bible teach it? Some comments.
Confession of Pontius Pilate
Well-intentioned but false document.
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    • Review by Edgar Goodspeed [Off Site]
Copycat Thesis
General idea that the Bible is stolen pagan myths. See entries under individual deities or Scripture references, or go to my general article linked here.

Copyist Errors
An important concept for the defense of inerrancy.

Corporal Punishment
Does the Bible allow it to excess? Some comments.
Coyne, Jerry
Review of Faith vs Fact, by Nick Peters.
Creation science from Creation Ministries International
Crite of Chaldea
Pagan copycat Christ-figure. See here.
Was the cross a stolen pagan symbol? [Off Site]
Crossan, John Dominic
Jesus Seminar founder and buddy.

Crossley, James
Mystical mess man.

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    • Review of Jesus in an Age of Terror.
"Crucifixion of Jesus by an Eye-witness"
Fictitious work. In a later works, Modern Apocrypha, Goodspeed noted the findings of Martin Dibelius in 1936 that this work had been "taken bodily" from K, H. Venturini's Natural History of the Great Prophet of Nazareth, a "romantic reconstruction being made to masquerade as a contemporary historiical document."
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    • Review by Edgar Goodspeed [Off Site]
Another of those "sins of the church" issue. We recommend a site here by a professor of history. [Off Site]
Cumbey, Constance
Cutner, Herbert