Index: K
Kalopoulus, Michael
Review of Biblical Religion: The Great Lie.
Kapr, Dan
Still-fundamentalist #3,756,453. Response on Ahithophel here.
Kelber, Werner
Liberal Biblical scholar who discounts the relevance of oral tradition in accurate preservation of the Gospel material.

Keller, Tim
Review of material
Ken's Guide to the Bible
I list it here by title because few know that the author's full name is Ken Smith. See summary points here.
Kennedy, Ludovic
Review of All in the Mind
Khan, Adnan
Critique of Khan's (now defunct) site and methodology [Off site]
King James Onlyism
I use the KJV because all of King James' lawyers are dead. But these folks...
Kirsch, Jonathan
Review of The Harlot by the Side of the Road
Klinghoffer, David
Review of Why the Jews Rejected Jesus
Knight, Robert
Review of The Hiram Key
Kuhn, Alvin Boyd
Theosophist writer used as a source by Tom Harpur's Pagan Christ. The first two items are samples; they were not in Harpur's bibliography.

  • Articles
    • Review of The Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet which serve to introduce the reader to his methods
    • Review of Lost Key to the Scriptures
    • Review of Mary Magdalene and Her Seven Devils.
    • Review of Who Is This King of Glory?