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Lamb, John
Review of Not in His Image.
Lambert, Lance
Lame would-be prophet. Comments.
Lancaster, Thomas
Review of Restoration.
Lataster, Raphael
Yet another inadequate atheist pseudo-scholar. Review.
Leedom, Timothy
Editor of The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read.

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    • Review of The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read.
Lenaire, Gary
Former Christian musician. Analysis here.
Liberated Christians
Putative Christian site that promotes free sex. Note 10/2020: The LC website is still up to this day but has not had anything new added since 2007.
Lightning Rods
Can the church be faulted for opposing the use of lightning rods?
Some say that this was Adam's first wife, but the news is that they're using sources too late to be respected. The Anchor Bible Dictionary notes these facts: "Lilith" comes from an Akkadian word lilitu, which was used of lesser deities in Mesopotamia. Proponents of the "Adam's wife" theory sometimes appeal to a use of the word in the Sumerian Gilgamesh epic, and in a first-century Syrian incantation for Arshlan-Tash, but neither of these is taken by scholars to refer to a personal being named Lilith. In the Talmud, a much later source than Gesnsis (!), Lilith is descrobed as a woman with long hair and wings, and as a demon in Mandeac bowl inscriptions. The idea of Lilith as Adam's wife is the product of medieval Jewish material.
Limited Atonement
The L in TULIP. I sort of agree with this petal, though maybe not in the way typical TULIPers would.

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    • Within Limits -- a somewhat positive finding for the doctrine of limited atonement
Lindsey, Hal
Profile in this entry.
Lobdell, William
Review of Losing My Religion in this entry.
Lomas, Christopher
Review of The Hiram Key
Long, Jason
Author of Biblical Nonsense. His doctorate is in pharmacy, not Biblical scholarship.

"Lord, Liar or Lunatic"
The "Lord, Liar or Lunatic" argument defended.
Lose, David
Huffington post Bible critic. Comments.
"Lost Books" of the Bible
"Lost Tribes" of Israel
Are the "lost tribes" actually last?
Lowder, Jeffrey Jay
Past president and founder of the Secular Web's Internet Infidels.

Lucado, Max
Popular pastoral author. Evaluation here
Ludemann, Gerd
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    • Review of The Great Deception
    • Review of The Resurrection of Christ