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Unconditional Election
The U in TULIP. I agree with this petal in principle, but think it hasn't been developed the right way.

Belief in a single God that is one person. See here with linked response to Unitarian views at end.
Van der Toorn, Karel
Detailed review of Scribal Culture and the Making of the Hebrew Bible.
Van Impe, Jack
Comments here.
A lifestyle for your conscience to decide on.

Veith, Walter
End times writer. Comments here.
Verhoven, Paul
Hollywood guy who mistakenly thinks he's a Biblical scholar. Review of Jesus of Nazareth.
Vermes, Geza
Highly credible Jewish/Biblical scholar.

  • Articles
    • Review of The Changing Faces of Jesus
    • Review of Resurrection
Viola, Frank
Highly credible Jewish/Biblical scholar. NOT.

Virgin Birth
Or, more properly, the virginal conception.
Site by a guy named Edgar Jones who paints Paul as the big villian.

Should Christians vote or take part in politics?