On Greg Kane's "Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth"

This rather larger than it looks website (because of its graphics) offers no new arguments at all and so we present merely this listing of major errors and where to find them corrected. For the classic "parody" we had here previously, which is a point by point refutation of the POCM site as it was done c. 2003, see my tektoonics.com site. I have revisited the site in 2009 to update where I can here.

As in 2003, even now in 2009, POCM is a constantly-shifting product that is clearly the result of someone whose research efforts are in vain, and finds himself having to make changes precisely because he failed to do credible research the first time around. His charges of "borrowing" are substantiated mainly by terminological equivocation and by trying to particularize universals (e.g., water baptism above).