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Ice, Thomas
Critic of preterism. See comments here.
Are icons used by the Orthodox church in violation of the command against graven images?
"Jesus was never called this! So he didn't fulfill the Is. 7:14 prophecy as Matthew said!" [Off Site] -- part of a larger article
Let's hear it for the Chicago Statement!
Ingersoll, Robert
Brief critique, here.
Are Christians taking a bad rap for this one?
Is insurance evil?
International Churches of Christ
An overall orthodox Christian group that's getting into some serious problems. For now I have a very brief article commenting on their view of faith and works, with baptism as a focus, and some comments on discipling.

Church Father.
Irresistible Grace
a somewhat negative finding for the doctrine of irresistible grace
There's no one better for this than my friend Jochen Katz's Answering Islam page. [Off Site] We also have a homegrown item by "Wildcat" here on whether Muhammed qualifies as a prophet and another here on Quranic straw men.
Izapa Stela 5
Tampering with the Tree of Life: Izapa Stela 5 and Popular Mormon Apologetics