Index: W
Wallack, Joseph
Compiler of 1001 Errors in the Bible.
Walsch, Neale Donald
Review of "Conversations With God.
Walvoord, John
Review of his eschatology.
Warren, Rick
That 40 Days guy.
  • Review of The Purpose-Driven Life.
  • Review of The Purpose-Driven Church in this entry.
Watson, Edward
Popular Mormon apologist who badly needs an editor. Check out review of Mormonism Faith of the 21st Century.
Weaver, J. Denny
Review of The Non-Violent Atonement.
Wells, G. A.
Former vanguard of the idea that Jesus didn't exist. Now thinks he did.
  • Articles
    • Hub page on issue of Jesus' existence.
    • Response to Wells
    • Review of Cutting Jesus Down to Size here.
Wheless, Joseph
Freethinker critic of the Bible, very popular among Skeptics. See link here.
Whisenant, Edgar
1988 end times fraud. Comments here.
White, L. Michael
Review of Scripting Jesus.
Wiersbe, Warren
Profile of this respected pastoral teacher.
Wildman, Wesley
Review of Fidelity with Plausibility
Wilson, Barrie
Mini-review of When Jesus Became Christian: Full of bad arguments that have been answered on this site for years. Not one new argument, and it considers Tom Harpur reliable. This is sufficient to discredit it as a source.
The Bible and Alcohol -- to imbibe or not to imbibe?
Winn, Craig
Profile of a Paul hater
Winthrop, John
Puritan writer. Profile here.
Pagan copycat candidate, who is actually just a local incarnation of Krishna.
Wolfe, J. Burton
Review of The Case for 'Jesus'
Women and the Bible
See Feminism
Works and Faith
  • Articles
    • Is baptism necessary for salvation? -- part of a broad article that also touches on the general faith-works relationship question. Links at the end explain how various other Bible-oriented/Christian groups misunderstand the doctrine.
World Mission Society Church of God
Worsfold, Matthew
Comments on religious meaning and practice.
What is it all about? See here.